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Hope For Hannah 
HOPEOur hope is to rescue and place dogs in loving forever homes.
HELPTo support the housing and medical care of all of our foster dogs, 
to sponsor dogs in need of veterinary care, to help special groups like 
Seeing Eye Dogs and Therapy Dogs.
EDUCATE - We offer school and public programs to share information on rescues, puppy mills, the importance of neutering, and current legislation.
Hannah was surrendered to a rescue that we were all very active in. She was just another unwanted, badly injured little puppy who needed to be fostered so she could heal.  She was turned down by other rescues and was scheduled to be euthanized. One of our members decided to foster and adopt Hannah, starting all of us on our journey to start our own rescue. Hannah required extensive surgery and physical therapy. We realized that we needed to find new and better ways to raise funds for animals, especially animals in need of extensive medical care like Hannah. We were also amazed when we talked to people that they had no knowledge of puppy mills, bad breeders, or in many cases, that rescues even existed.  We decided that education had to be one of our most important activities - working with the general public and more specifically, working with school children who are the pet owners of the future.  We did a series of assemblies at a local intermediate school and began working with the students on fundraiser's for Hannah's care. They were motivated, interested, and now very aware of the importance of responsible pet ownership.  We hope to visit every school in Monroe County and the surrounding areas in the next year as well as other public organizations.  Education is the key to change, this is what makes our organization different from most traditional pet rescues.
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Hope For Hannah~American Bulldog~Ordinary Miracle~
Hannah is American Bulldog,who came from a breeder.Her left legs had been caught in the wire pen and the breeder didn't notice.Gangrene set in the back leg and had to be removed and her front leg's li...

Hope for Hannah Rescue is a Foster Rescue Network, we rely totally on our volunteer foster families. We do not have a facility. If you are interested in fostering for us, 
please click below: