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    Great News!!!!!!
(Please take the time to read the message from
 Dr Corrado below the photo)

We've Moved

The West End Plaza
PO Box 335
1431 Route 209
Brodheadsville, Pa 18322

To the most amazing (and most loyal) customers any Veterinary Hospital could ever ask for:

I already heard a few people asking if the new building means that prices will start going up and we will turn into every other veterinary office. The answer, "quite the opposite". The entire reason for the new office is to allow us to see more pets and keep our prices down. Our current foot print put is in a position where we could not grow any further, and as such, we would have had to raise prices to make ends meet. We chose unequivocally against that. We are moving to a larger place to keep our prices lower - and all we ask of you is that you spread the word as loudly as you can about us. We are here to help, we strive to keep costs as reasonable as we can, but to do that - we rely on being busy. Since the budget doesn't allow for paid advertising - we count on our awesome clients advertising us by word of mouth... and we wouldn't be growing if you all didn't believe in and support us. 

I would also be concerned if I was a customer about customer service. The goal as we make this transition is to improve our customer experience. We have always struggled - as a smaller practice keeping costs down - with the customer experience. We hope the new building and some changes to our phone system will make things run even smoother and hopefully get us to the point I would like our customer care to be. Our primary concern is and always will be your animals, but part of us being us will always be looking at what to improve next. 

I wanted to reach out and let you all know how much Gwen and I appreciate you - and that we would never raise prices on you because of a new fancy building. We are setting out to keep improving and my hope is that with your help we will be able to grow rapidly and make the new office a success.... we are counting on you all to spread the word just like you count on us to take care of your critters. And we appreciate each and every one of you... and your furry family members. 

Dr. C 

Affordable, practical & compassionate care 
for the life of your pet. 

We are headed to see Dr. Corrado!!!!

??  Why yes, we do see those.

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